Help filtering list

I am creating an app that will take attendance and log hours. There are two apps connected to the same database the admin app and the end-user app. I got the end user working but I need help with the admin side of it. When I click the take attendance button I want people to click the check-in icon on the right of their name on a list and it will create an hour of data linked to the user clicked on the user name which I got to work also but I need help with making that checked in name disappear from the list afterward. Thank you for your help in advance! Here are some photos of my database right now:

Hi @ShumBuggie ,

If you have boolean to update after checking in, you can filter based on this.

It would be helpful, if you show the screens with its filter settings too.

Here is the link to a cloneable version of my app and database: Shareable Hour Tracking Portal
I’ve tried for literally hours to try and figure this all out, but I can’t seem to get past this part of the admin app. Thanks!