Connecting Stripe to Adalo

Hi everyone.

I’ve drug a Stripe Connect module on the screen in Adalo and it is telling me:

Your Stripe Account is Connected to Adalo.

Go to the Connect Settings page on your Stripe Dashboard, click the “Add URI” button and enter the following:

I do not see the ADD URI button in Stripe anywhere.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

I’m doing this with Test Mode switched on, so hopefully it’ll be the same if you’re doing this in ‘Live’ mode…

When you’re logged into your Stripe account, click the ‘gear’ icon top right.
In the Product Settings section, 3rd box along called ‘Connect’ click ‘settings’.
Scroll to the bottom, under the branding area, you should see a seciont titled ‘Integration’, last item in this secion says ‘Redirects’, and that’s the link you need to copy.

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