External collection, database, server

Hello i’m new to Adalo and have almost 0 programming knowdledge. I started to work on it about 2 weeks ago. I understand we can use API and external collection.

But i don’t get why many post send to third-party website as only solution (sheetDB, airtable, xano, etc). Is there a reason because is the only solution?

Still i don’t get what is possible or not with Adalo. I read Adalo Resources and also many post but didn’t find an asnwer.

Is withg Adalo possible to store data on external DB? From what i got it is possible. But is it possible to do without paid third-party services?

Is not possible to have an external user collection. But is possible to update the user collection i belive… For example i can sync a Google sheet with user collection but why i have to pay sheetDB?
Can i use Google Sheets API for do the same thing? Or i need a self-made API to autosync?

Why i can’t use directly Google Sheets as User Collection? Is because User collection has permission and encrypted passwords that can’t be use as external?

I know are a lot of questions, i hope a patient guy can reply to me.
Thank you a lot.

TBH I’ve been using Adalo for a couple of years and I also often don’t get why many people are using another backend.

That said, there are some actions that you can do on other platforms that you can’t do on Adalo. Eg have something happen periodically but I don’t know many more reasons- perhaps others can say. And if you’ve got other systems that are using the same database then it might make sense too.

Certainly, you don’t need to use another back end. For almost everything, you can just use the one built-in.

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Yeah that’s what i’m trying to figure. I’m starting the devlopment of an app multi-device for a client but i don’t understand if it possible without pay other services. There is too much advertising of 3rd party solution that result in payment. I already going to pay Adalo i’m not pretending a big internal DB but at least to easily get app data to existing client server or other solution as AWS, Gcloud, etc

After many hours of research i have to quit my adventure with Adalo.
Adalo is a good tool for make simple app but it’s not what i was looking for.
What i didn’t like is using 3rd-party solution for majority of external collection.
e.g. if user want to upload a photo externally i probably need a 3rd party
if i want external collection to have relationship i need 3rd party.
In my case my client didn’t want to pay for other cost.

Positive thing for me is that Adalo changed my mind so i started to learn a Java language.