"Contains" or "Is equal to" multiple

Hello, i started recently to use Adalo.
What i don’t get is if “Contains” and “equal to” can have more words

For example,
imagine we have 4 user type as “admin”, “standard” “ironman” and “unlucky”,
if i want to hide some buttons to “unlucky” i can use “is not equal to” unlucky to give access to “admin” “standard” and “ironman”.

But what if i want to share a button to “admin” and “standard” excluding “ironman” and “unlucky”, is there a way to separate words in “Contains” and “Is equal to” and have multiple locks?

I searched something similare but i didn’t get an answer. Maybe i’m just bad to search idk…

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi @Aleloons ,

Try using numbers field as user type, so that in visibility you can use less than or greater than, so it can filter out multiple values.

This is an idea. I used ID instead of making another field.

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