Number input to use with conditional visibility/action

Hi guys,

Maybe this is a simple question, but I can’t find a way around this. I appreciate anyone’s assistance.

I searched the forum and could not find a solution to this particular case.

Here’s what I need:

  • An input that Adalo knows it’s a number
  • I will run a calculation in that input
  • I will then use the value in that input to set conditions (greater than, less than, etc.)

My issue is this:

  • I’m using the Text input and then setting it as Number
  • But when going to set the conditions using that field, Adalo does not provide the options related to a number
  • Adalo only provides the options related to text (equal to, not equal to, contains)

So, how can I have an independent and free field that is detected as a number by Adalo?


Hi @charleshope ,

If it is to be number, I would like to add field in users collection, so we can get =, >, < and so on for conditional.

It is slower than change input value, but only if we are using with non conditional, looks to me that conditional adding more delay.

Thanks @Yongki

However, in my case, I don’t want to add a property to a collection for this calculation.

Just like we can have independent and free inputs flying around the app with the “Text input” element, I want to use something like that but for numbers. So it would be called “Number input”, but that doesn’t exist, and the “Text input”, even when set as a Number, does not do the trick when using it with conditions. :frowning:

Is there a way? Or will it end up being a feature request?

@charleshope ,
Very well explained. Hopefully an easy enough change for Adalo to make.
I have not worked out an alternative.

Could the Pragmaflow Javascript widget be an option?

I opened a ticket with Adalo support. Maybe :crossed_fingers: it’s a bug!

Hey y’all

I made a feature request for this a while back. I believe we should have the ability to use an input set as a number type input and comparisons ( = > < )



I’ll wait and see what the Adalo support team has to say. :wink:

Update: From the Adalo support team they recognise the same thing. Once a “Text input” is set as a number, Adalo should recognise it as such and show the correct condition options.

They have passed this to the product team for their review, but they don’t know what priority it will have.


This “bug” has been a subject of my ire for a while, but I’d just accepted it as another one of Adalo’s random things that just “don’t work”, and now have literally dozens of hacky workarounds weaved throughout my app. It would be great if they fix it… but man, annoying… Not as annoying as counts sometimes not refreshing for certain fields in certain contexts, or the miriad other random bugs that torpedo what should otherwise be straight-forward app-building, but annoying nonetheless.

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