Copying a Record & Copying its Relationships

Hey all, im wondering if someone can help me.

I want to simply copy a record and its relationships within the app. Has anyone got best practices for this?

I find it easy to copy a record, as its just a case of setting an action > create > then map the data from current record to the new record i.e. Name > Name, description to description etc. But I have not figured out how to copy a record and keep the relationships? How do you guys handle this?

Any help greatly appreciated

Hi @iAppsNi,

I’m not quite getting what would you like to achieve… here is the example of action which creates a complete copy of the record in “Photos” collection, keeping the category for the new record the same as the original one.
The action is performed from the list.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks for this, and for your time.

My example would be…

1: I have Gym Exercises

2: I have a Session Plan (made up of exercises that a user “favourites” or “adds” from a predefined list)

Both have many to many relationships.

So if I wanted: to Copy a Session Plan with say 10 Exercises that make up that session (i.e. if a user manually adds multiple exercises to their own Session Plan)

I would then like the ability to Copy the Session Plan with all the exercises attached as manually created by the user so that the user can easily adjust or modify the copied session (i.e. add or remove some of the exercises that can belong to many sessions).

Hopefully I have explianed the above well enough :slight_smile:

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