Clone 2 apps with shared database (admin + customer apps)

I created 2 apps that share the same database.
One is for Admins, the other is for Customers.
The shared database works and all is great, but…
I made these apps clonable, and when somebody clones each one of them, they end up with distinct databases. In other words, the Admins and Customers cloned apps do not share a database, like the original ones do.

How can I mantain a new shared database between the 2 cloned apps, whenever somebody clones them?

I solved the problem with a workaround.

My solution was to put both apps within the same Adalo project. So, instead of a project containing the “Customer App” and another project containing the “Admin App”, I created a “Delivery App” project containing both.
After somebody clones this project, all they have to do is copy the cloned project, and delete all the “Admin App” screens. Then copy the copy, sharing the database, and delete all the “Customer App” screens. Last but not least, reconfigure the Welcome and Home screens on both projects.

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