Copying the whole project

Hi there! Is there any way to copy the whole project (which has several app)?

For example, I have a Client app and Admin app. Copied apps should use the copy of the original apps database (one collections base for 2 apps). Is that possible?

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Yeah, I know all of that. But the question is How to copy multiple apps. For example, I copy the Admin app and copy it’s database. After that I copy User App and I need to add the Copy of Admin’s database to Copy of User App. Is this possible or need to start from a blank app each time?

Because I see only “Copy base” and “Use existing base”…probably there should be some “Use a base from another app” option. I mean when I try to copy an app, not creating a new blank one.

You mean you have created the User app and copied and same for the Admin. And then you need to add the Data of a collection in Admin app to a collection of User app?

I mean I have 2 apps, one for Admin and one for User. It’s a kind of CRM system, if you like. They are ready to go. But I need to copy the whole “project” to each customer which want to buy this CRM.

You mean send a copy to the users?

No. I just want to sell pre-made app set (2 apps) several times. I need to copy 2 apps linked with one database (the copy of the original database, but without any records)

You can Select copy the Database on copying the app

Yes, but how to link the second copied App to this copied base? That’s the point.

I’m not sure about this.

You can Submit A Support Ticket

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Thank you Dillon! Now it seems the only way is to use some external database like Airtable. But maybe there will be problems with reconnecting the table after copying. I’ll check this out.

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