Copying formulas between screens

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to copy custom formulas between screens. It’d speed up development attimes.

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You can copy and paste components from one screen to another as simply as selecting the component, pressing ctrl + c (cmd + c) and then selecting the screen you want to paste it on (or the same screen) and hitting ctrl + v (cmd + v). This will paste the component in the exact same spot (x,y values) as it was on the other screen.

Another method is to hold ALT and click and drag a component.

Yea, but I’m not talking about copying the component itself, rather copying the formula (which attimes may be rather lengthy) if you need to use it with another component. For instance you’ve used a formula in a text input before, now you want to use it in a text label component on another screen. That’s the kind of use case I’m referring to.

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Right, gotcha.

I agree that would be a great addition to the app. Please consider adding it to our feature request!

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