When can we expect to see the ability to copy/paste formulas?

As I’m building one of the largest pain points with Adalo is having to continue to recreate formulas in the app for every component that needs to reference the data.

Any plans to fix this? @jessehaywood

I wouldn’t expect this to come anytime soon. I recommend adding it to ideas.adalo.com or upvoting it there.

Until then, one of the best things you can do is copy the element itself instead of just the text :smiley:


Thanks Erik,

But I need to duplicate formulas in different components. Do you have a work around for that?

Can you provide an example of this? I dont understand what you mean.

Or even better, have the option to save your formulas. Give them a name and be able to use them where we need them. No need to copy-paste, just open your saved formulas and pick one. :wink:


That would be fantastic, yes!

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I have two components, a text component and a progress bar component.

I’ve already created a custom formula to display data I need. I now want to increase the UI/Design of the app by including a progress bar. I have no way to duplicate the custom formula I made in the text component to the progress bar component…

They could even call it “Reusable snippets” or “reusable actions”

The easiest way to do this would be to put the formula in an action, update a value (in a collection or an input field), then reference the value.

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