Re-usable Components?

I just started today, so I’m brand new - but is there a way to reuse buttons and/or components? Doing a google search I found that it was requested feature in 2020 - but from what I can tell off-hand it hasn’t been implemented yet? Is this correct and we are to re-create buttons that do the same thing on any pages we need it?

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You can copy that component and paste that on the screens which you need!

Check this docs how to copy : How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts - Adalo Resources.

Thank you

Thank you!

I did try copy and pasting shortcuts already, but not sure what I’m doing wrong (I copy/paste a lot elsewhere) but when I select an element and copy then select another screen to paste it - it does nothing. - so where does it paste to?

Once you copy the component ( Ctrl+C ) then you need to select the screen and then enter Ctrl+V.

That’s what I thought, but this did not work for me. So not sure where, if I hit ‘paste’, it goes.

It may have pasted it over top of what you copied. I’d check there.

Ahh I see, I’m unable to directly paste on the GUI representation of another screen (although copy works). Hitting paste does paste another component on top of the existing component on that same screen in the GUI - just not on another screen if it’s selected. For me, in order to paste it, it appears you must do that in the appropriate screen area in the panel on the left. Or, alternatively, drag the component that copied itself on top of the other then drag it to another screen in the GUI.

Thanks for the help.


In my experience, I’ve never been able to paste directly onto a different screen. I copy an element, then immediately hit CNTRL-V to paste (which pastes the new copy directly on top of the original element. Then I drag the new element onto the new screen.

Before I do this, I usually drag the new screen to right beside the source screen, to make dragging and dropping easier.

Also remember that, if the thing you are copying is a collection of multiple items (such as a rectangle background, a text box, and an icon), you should make those items a group first. Otherwise you. risk copying only (for example) the text box, without the other components.

And finally, make sure you select the group, rather than only one of the components, before copying. This can get tricky.

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Excellent points. To add, if you do copy multiple elements simultaneously without grouping them first, ALL will copy but when you go to grab what you thought was the group of items, you’ll only grab hold of the one item you tap first, leaving the other copied items behind. If you don’t know the other copied items are still hanging back, it could make for an unpleasant time as you keep making copy after copy, stacking elements and potentially causing things to behave in unexpected ways.

So, to say, I agree grouping them BEFORE copying will make your life much easier. Or just make sure you go back and fetch each item individually instead of making more copies. :wink:

There is a bug that I have experienced where the paste CMD+V doesn’t work.
I have reported it to Adalo but I have never been able to recreate it consistently. Just restart the browser and go again.

You can always use Alt + drag too (Mac)

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I tried using the keyboard copy and paste on my iMac I’m using a windows keyboard it didn’t work on chrome. I do not recall Firefox allowing copy and paste or not

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