Copying multiple records from one database to another


I have a database called “ orders “ contains records.

I want to send these records from “ orders “ to another database called “ Order history “ when payment in stripe done.

I made the stripe button a list in order to make it possible to send data to “ order history “

The issue i have when the payment is done it will send only one record not all records.

And when i put delete “ order “ after payment is done in order to reset the cart, the action delete only one record not all cart “ orders database “ records.

What should i do

Thanks in advance.

does your app require for a client to have an account / username?

Also, can you post some screenshots of your DB and the actions of the stripe button, pls? that would help


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Hi @Marwan ,
How do you identify all orders that should be sent to the Order History after payment is done (via the stripe button)?

When you mean orders, do you mean Items in an order?


Hi Marwan,

I think you don’t need another collection called Order History becasue you can show the Logged in user’s>Orders. See the Ordering Template made by Adalo : Clone Ordering to Jumpstart Your No Code App

I think you have messed this here. To store that Order, Order Items you can create another collection. Then connect the Orders collection and Order Items collection with a relationship property. The Ordering Template has this : Clone Ordering to Jumpstart Your No Code App

Thank you

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Make stripe a list if 2 stripes. Than delete one stripe and keep one.

You can do many of things with list.

No i put in stripe just the logged in user order that he created.

And stripe will be a list in order to send data.

Put 2 stripes in a list than delete 1 let only 1 stripe in the list.

I will try it and get back to you.

It worked.
Thank you

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