Need help on setting up database for simple online shop

could anyone help me on the current project im working on.

simply put,
it is a webapp with 2 courses option for sell.

I got stuck at the very last part when trying to create a correct order

kindly check the below link for ref:

Hi @aaronazimp ,

I made an example of online ordering app in resources & tutorial category in this forum.

If you have questions regarding that app, you can ask there.


Yongki is great with this kind of apps! :muscle:

I believe it’s this one! : Let's build Online Ordering App (clone-able)

I think you have setup-ed this correctly! And in your pay button action you don’t need to update order items property because you are updating that property with the Join Now button. I mean when you create a new order item with the current order then that order item is adding to that order automatically.

Just updated the app! :

And thought to add this great post by Flawless too! : Cart issues - i can't remove object from my cart - #3 by Flawless

Thank you

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