Correct me if i'm wrong... (windows based developer)


i’m windows based developer and i would like to create a component using JavaScript; however, adalo’s developer mode requires that the developer be mac-based.

correct me if i’m wrong…

what is the best way to go about endeavoring such task?

Hi Ascs,

First off all, you can. Currently Adalo let’s you publish on Mac & Linux. Also, the components are made with React Native (technically JavaScript).

You can develop components on windows, but when you try to publish it, it will give you an error.

You can bypass this by installing WSL (windows subsystem for Linux) on windows.

Please read this post.

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thanks @James_App_Maker , i’ll check this out :slight_smile:

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hi @James_App_Maker

trying to get started; however i keep getting a syntax error

I have installed linux (ubuntu) and node.js
…any idea what i might be missing?

hi @TKOTC, can you advise?

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