Components for Private Use

The developer section talks about components I can build and place in the marketplace.

Is it possible to do the same, but just for use in my own projects?

They may not make the cut in terms of universal appeal, but for a specific market they are highly sought after. E.g. a Mobile Money checkout button would be huge in my market.

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Of course. When you publish a custom component you can choose whether the component is public or private. A private component can be used in any one of your apps.

I am in the process of editing a YouTube tutorial that will go through this process. I hope to publish the video soon and I will link it to this post when it is done.


Following for the @TKOTC’s video! Thanks for doing this!

I uploaded the RAW (I cannot stress RAW enough) recording of uploading a private component. I will ping back from time to time with updates.

It is here
Publish Private Component via NPM and Adalo (RAW):

The repository hosting the code is here: GitHub - PragmaFlow/adalo-pragmaflow-components

Some other videos that are RAW, but will be part of the same collection
Part 1 - Creating your component:

Part 2 - Adding some basic functionality:

Part 3 - Adding into Adalo

This is super. Thanks. I’m experimenting with this and will share results here

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Great videos, thanks a lot.

I’m getting an error when trying to publish my custom component, and I’ve been told it can only be published via MacOS, but I see you’re on Windows.

The error is:
“Command failed: mkdir -p dist”

What command line tool are you using?

Hi Matheus,

I am actually using Linux to publish. Windows has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux and I use that for the deployment. If you want to develop, I strongly suggest you install it

The only other way you can do it is to modify the Adalo publish component. In your project folder you will see node_modules. From there you need to look for @adalo\cli\src\build.js, line 28 in that file is where you seem to have an issue. You will need to debug the issue there.

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Can’t thank you enough :smile:

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How Can I fix this lines?
await exec(‘mkdir -p dist’)

await exec(‘mkdir -p dist/input’)

await exec(‘mkdir -p dist/icons’)