Cost Estimation for app

As a fresher I don’t know how to cost for a project. I need guidence for how to estimate cost of an app.

Am devloping a inventory managment application for both pc and mobile.

I don’t know how can i charge for it. I need help


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Hi @Ajay12,

There is no simple answer to this question. In general, you can charge using project-based pricing or time&material pricing. Skill of Project estimations comes with experience, and there is always a risk of incorrect estimations. T&M might be favourable for the developer, but some customers are hesitant to pay unknown amount of money for the project.

There are lots of resources out there about project estimations in software development. In particular, Adalo App Academy Course Category-Freelancers & Agencies offers some good resources to start as well.

Best regards, Victor.

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