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It is with great joy that we are announcing the most complete product pricing application in Brazil :brazil: for artisan bakers.

This audience has grown a lot in recent months. The reality is that many people have lost their jobs.
They chose to do what they love as their main job or as an extra income at the end of the month.

For a baker to know how much she invested, if in fact she is making a profit, which product she sold more, the ideal price for her product, having the technical file of each recipe makes a big difference in her business.

The creator of the PINC Application is our client Lívia Vitório, she is a passionate engineer and baker. One day she had a dream at night and woke up with the name of the App and all its features.

The app is in pre-release on PINC’s social networks. On August 28th, public access will be opened.

We at Aicrus agency started with marketing services, ad management and so on.

Until there were requests from customers if we made apps for delivery, gym and others. We decided to analyze which most powerful tool was available on the market.

Adalo was the one that delivered the best final result. An air of professionalism and the possibility of creating complex mathematical calculations.

We had already planned for weeks to come here to share other applications we made, but time did not allow us and some customers ask for secrecy and we cannot disclose all the solutions.

The PINC application is in fact more than a hand on the wheel for those who don’t know how to use Excel or who need to have everything in the palm of their hand.

The person has 14 days free to use the app and is then charged a monthly or yearly cost.
Monthly 14.90
Annual 89.90

The PINC app was developed in 45 calendar days.

It was charged R$ 10.000 thousand to be developed.

100% made at Adalo.

We thank Adalo from the bottom of our heart for giving us this possibility to create mobile apps, in fact solutions for hundreds of entrepreneurs in Latin America, we hope that Adalo grows more each day.

Let us be patient and know how to use the tools that are in our hands.

Nobody on our team knew how to program.
So I visually programmed using 100% the Adalo platform.

Aicrus loves Adalo. :green_heart::brazil:



This app is very good. Congratulations to the developers.
When will you be at Apple?
I was able to test it in the pre-release. Agoga I’m waiting for the 28th of August.

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Sensacional Paulo… Parabéns pelo projeto… Estou no Brasil também e temos um grupo de vários usuários Adalo, ficaríamos feliz se puder participar… Se tiver interesse, me envia o seu Whatsapp. Abraços!!!

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Que bom Roger, isso é muito bom.

Meu WhatsApp ‪+55 11 99205‑2865‬