Could not finish External Users setup

Hi guys,

I have tried several times, but I am not able to finish the External users setup. I am not able to finish it up to step 5, always get stuck on step 4. Although I click on Next, it does not go to step 5.

Because of this issue, I can not have a Users collection on my app.

Does anyone had the same issue and know how to fix that?

If you click save and finish later on step 4, it should still work without going to step 5.

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As mentioned by @theadaloguy the external collections is currently in beta and you’ll be able to use your users collection once you click save & finish later at step 4.

FYI, everytime you load the editor for this app, you’ll be prompted again with the external collections setup (pic below), just hit save & finish later to continue with your work.

Do not hit NEXT here, this might break your original setup, I have had the issue few times & had to redo the entire setup again.

Hope that helps.

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Hey guys, @bhanu and @theadaloguy, thanks for your awesome help and hints. :blush:

I also have another question on top of that: how do I get the “formal” Users (internal) collection (per example, when you create a new empity app without external collections option) ?

Or does Adalo consider that as I use External Collections, my Users will be by me own (and that is why it does not create a Users collection for me?

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Hey @edumagol

Yes, since you’re beginning the new app with external users setup, I assume that Adalo is removing that option as it’s not useful anyway.

You either use internal collections or external collections, not both within the same app.

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Thanks a lot @bhanu ! It makes total sense.

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