External Users database

I have a project right now that requires an External Users Database. How to I get this functionality? I have a paid Pro plan.

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Hi @adalojosh , @charleshope , Hi, I really need to get that beta functionality for external users database. How can I fast track this?
Many thanks guys. Mary

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@charleshope, @adalojosh Ignore my last 2 posts. So sorry. I just did a check on whether I now had the advance option for external users database and it appears that I now do. My apologies guys. I will update here on my experience with it. Thanks

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@adalojosh I have been trying to connect my adalo app to a Xano database. I have followed all the steps outlined in the 2 Xano youtube videos by Prakesh. I have done all the api testing in Xano to ensure that I am getting the correct output.
In Adalo, still following the Xano youtube videos instructions, I put all the connection strings in as instructed but get an Error 500:
“message”: “Error parsing JSON: Syntax error\n\n "email": "pendermj@gmail.com",\n "password": "pw123456"\n}”
I don’t understand what I have done wrong. Can anyone on the Adalo team give me some ideas??


Well this is embarrassing. I went back again and double, triple checked how the json was put in for user and password… and wouldn’t you know it, I missed the opening curly brackets. Yikes! Fixed that and finally got a success on Adalo. Hopefully others will be able to see just how careful one needs to be on the little things. Thanks, Mary