Update: Countdown timer

I thought there was a solution in the mix?

Or is there a workaround for when a countdown timer gets to 0, then it triggers specific actions?

New adalo user here - excited!

We don’t currently have a countdown timer, but we’re launching our component marketplace soon, which will have several new components


This will be a bit of a requirement for the trial app that I’m building as well. I need to be able to define multiple types of karting “Heats”. So the staff can pick a “Heat” type that will countdown the amount of time left in the session. At the end of the heat, it would trigger an export of the timing data captured to a page/app that users can check out (right now they hand out printed papers).

The component marketplace will launch and we do have a timer function, which counts up. Once the marketplace is open we hope a developer will have interest in created the stop watch feature.

Got it - I assume we’ll be able to develop something that counts down too then. THanks!

It launches August what again?

If you are reading this, exhale fully, take the deepest breathe you’ve taken today, and gift yourself a stretch :slight_smile:

Tuesday August 4th will be the big day.

Are there any developers wanting to co-create/create the Countdown Timer component?

Specific use case:

  • Start countdown timer gets to 0, then it triggers specific actions (like a new screen, etc)
  • For example: “Meditation App”

I see the count(up) timer is here. Woo!

Can Adalo share the component code for this so if I wanted to develop a CountDOWN timer - I can do so quickly?

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Here is the repo for the stopwatch component: https://github.com/AdaloHQ/stopwatch

Wooho. Minimum Studio and NoCodeHQ have launched a countdown timer.

Quick question: is there any way in Adalo right now to change the time with the conventional Time Picker UI?

Right now the time picker only allows for changing the date only, or the date and time together.

Thx Colin. I’ve made a request on Canny here to include simple Time

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