COVID-19 India API

Hi brains trust,

We are having an issue with a simple call to gather data related to the COVID pandemic in India.

The straightforward fetch action sends a ‘GET’ request to with nothing in the body.

When executing this call in Postman, it comes back with a Status 200 (ok), returning a list of daily case and death count updates. We tested the call in Bubble’s API connector, and it too returns a successful call.

However, when trying to set up the call for an external collection in Adalo, it throws an error saying “Could not find any results. Are you sure the results key is correct?” This is despite the Full Response actually showing the data as being successfully returned. (See Screenshot below)

Would really appreciate any ideas as to how we may be able to rectify this issue. It’s working fine using other tools, so at a bit of a brick wall.

Hi Matthew,

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I’m trying to replicate this on my end with external collections and I’ll get you an update once I figure how to do it. :slight_smile:

Hi Matthew,

I figured it out!! :partying_face:

What I’m about to say is important for anyone using external collections

When I look at the url for the API (, I see that “cases_time_series” is at the top so I put that under the results key for the get-all and it worked! :slight_smile:

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@James_App_Maker this is the most common issue the members raise when it comes to external collections. This needs to go into tutorials.

Currently it’s only mentioned for Airtable setup to add “records” in results key. But this is common for almost all the APIs.

Yeah it does, I had to learn it the hard way…


Thanks heaps @James_App_Maker and @bhanu

Hi @James_App_Maker, @bhanu Is there any way to sort or filter external collections.

@Venkata sure there is. For Airtable it’s documented here:

For other external collections you need to refer to their documentation on what kind of filter criteria is required to achieve the results.

@bhanu @James_App_Maker I want to sort the list in such a way that starting record’s date should be “recent date”. What formula I need to implement there?
({date} = ‘’) :thinking:

@Venkata you need to provide more details on what type of external collection you’re using here. Airtable? Are you talking about filtering or sorting?

Sorting Airtable list is here:

Currently it only supports ascending or descending for sort. What do you mean by recent date? Can you share the example?

I have used this api: - External Collection.
Below is the screenshot of the external collection:

Below is the custom list of this external collection:

We can see that the date is “6 March 2020”. If i scroll down to the end, “17 May 2021” will appear. So what i need is that the “17 May 2021” data should appear on the top. So that the users should not have to scroll to see the recent cases.

Hey @Venkata tried a few ways of doing this, but looks like the API doesn’t sorting or filtering. Unable to pass any parameters into it.

Thankyou for your time @bhanu