API HELP! I cant seem to get it to work

Im trying to implement covid APIs on my app but all i get is " An error occurred when calling Get All"
Can someone please help me? Im trying to implement this in my app:

Hi @dunderkind,
you cannot use the external collection because the API does not deliver a REST API response. Meaning there are no [] brackets for an array.

Good new is:
You can use the freshly announced custom actions outputs.
See: Custom Action Outputs are Live!

I created a draft dummy you can clone from: https://previewer.adalo.com/d2b25c66-c3e7-432c-8afc-8809ad4b8d04

Note this is DRAFT just to show the API!
Check the Get Data button on the Home screen:

Get the data

Save the returened data

In this setup there will be a new record created each time the users clicks the button.
I did not solve how to just keep one record updated with the last request in this draft demo.


This is super useful. You have no clue how much this helped me. Thank you soooo much karimoo!! More power to you


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