Create a custom list from JSON


I am integrating Backendless with my app.

I use the REST api to login a user. When this is successful the returned object includes a property called formSchema that contains a JSON object.

This JSON object contains a basic schema like this example below:

{"form":[{"desc":"Name","type":"text"},{"desc":"Email","type":"text"},{"desc":"Phone number","type":"text"}]}

I want to then dynamically create a custom list based on this.

Each list item should contain a label showing the text in the “desc” field.
Then there should be another type of component. In the example above these should all be text boxes as denoted by the “type” field.
The type might also be a checkbox, or a dropdown select (with the object also defining the options).

I am unsure how I create this list in Adalo. (In Javascript, PHP, etc it would be very easy!)

Can anyone give me any pointers?



Are you expecting to load these results dynamically into a list or planning to store the response in Adalo’s collections & show in a list?

In the first case, it is not possible dynamically to show the results from JSON in a list without adding to Adalo’s collection.

Alternately, what you could do is add an external collection to Adalo for Users & filter the external collection with logged in user’s email. Not sure if this works for you.

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