Create a link to the record created by the previous action

Hi. I am trying to make a feed which shows things that have been created elsewhere in the app. So for example, I might have a feed which shows notes and suggestions.

When I create a note from its own page I want an action to create the note (no problems there), and then an action to create a feed item, which refers to the note (via a relationship). Then I can hopefully navigate back to the note page when the user clicks on the feed item for the note.

Is there a way to add the item created in a previous action to a new record in a subsequent action for a button click? To summarise:

  • Action 1: Create the note

  • Action 2: Create a feed item with a relationship to the note created in Action 1

Or maybe there’s another way to go about this? Any tips gratefully received.

Hi @schox,

It is possible - the newly-created item will be available as NEW note in the “fly-out” menus.


Yes, that works. Thanks

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