Relationship is not setting when creating a new record

In the following screen recording you will see a simple cart setup. It is using a 1:Many relationship to include a list of items in a users order. When creating the record for the item and setting the order field to the current order nothing actually gets set. Is this a bug in the system? If so this is very problematic.

Hello, it looks like you have a problem with the actions or data linked between these screens. That’s why the actions and especially the ones related to “Orders” collection should be reviewed to make sure that they’re done correctly and the links between the screens also.

Hi @FiniDev,

You are trying to do like not to create records every time on the orders collection and only create if the previous order have items added and if not use that same record right? Now the problem is if that condition doesn’t matched then the create order action doesn’t perform and you will not get current order data. Then you will need another list with a visibility condition to transfer the current order data.

You can do something like this! ( storing the order on a rel property in the users collection and use it )

Thank you