Create a list of your friends activities

I’ve created an app to help people manage movies they’re interested in.

I have a users database with a friends field linked to the users database itself. A user can use the app to add friends to this field from the users database

Ex) User: Sean Friends: Bob, Mary, Jim

In my movies database I have a field for all users interested.

Ex) Movie: Gladiator Interests: Mary, Jim
Movie: ET Interest: Brenda
Movie: Titanic Interest: Bob

I want to create a list where only my friends movies show up - in this case only Gladiator and Titanic would show up in Sean’s list.

I’ve tried doing this but I get the endless dropdown option. I thought I would be able to select Friends All here.

Thanks for your help!
Sean K

Hello, well you should have 2 database collections ( Users, Movies )
First create a many to many relationship between users, and call it “Friends”.
Seconds, create a relationship between the users and movies collections which is ( Each user can have multiple movies).
Now move to your screen, and add a list component, and set it to movies, and (Logged in user => friends => movies => All)

Thank you so much!

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