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How do i make a watchlist. this is a shop app. say you were looking through the listings and you come across a listing you want to add to your watchlist. how do you get that data via a button from the current listing to another logged in user screen that just displays all their items they are watching? (from multiple data collections)

Hello, in order to create a watchlist, you should create a relationship between the (Users) collection and the Collection that you would like to add its records to the watchlist. Then add a button in the list and create an action to this button which will be (Update logged in user => Scroll down to see this new relationship => Add current record). Finally, create a screen with a list that will contain “Logged in user => Watchlist”.

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i dont have the add current record option in the relationship list.

Can you please specify the type of relationship that you have chosen while creating it?

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Hi Ali,

i have my 3 collections where users can list their products. then i created a watchlist item collection that the 3 collections have a many to many relationship. and also have a user to watchlist relationship (top selection of options)

Can someone please help me with this?

Hello, so in order for it to work, the relationship should be like this : Many to Many relationship between the (Users and watchlist records collection). And that’s it for the database. So please make sure that this relationship only is taking place.

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Check here : How to create a "Favorite" button - Adalo Resources

The same setup like favourites that you can use a Many to Many relationship like @Ali-Bazzi mentioned!

So as @dilon_perera said, using the Many to Many relationship is the solution for your issue.

I hope I have solved your issue,
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Thanks guys sorted!!

You’re welcome!

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