Create-Adalo-Component Not Working!

I’m trying to use the new feature and following per the video and after the very first step I already get an error! Please help guys - I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!!


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Hi @seanmodd I have sent this request to our developers. Hopefully we can get you on the right track with this soon!

Are you sure you’re running node 10+? Find out by running node -v in the terminal

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@yelkhayami mentions, you need to be on node 10+, and then we generally have tested without installing (just run npx create-adalo-component PROJECT_DIRECTORY without running the npm i part).

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Yes I am running node v14.7.0 and @jeremy I did that and still am getting the same response here is the screenshot of the terminal…

Hi @seanmodd, here is a quick video on how to use the tool:

I forgot to show it in the video, but I am using node 14.7.0 which is only 1 major version above you.

As an additional note, if you did install create-adalo-component to your current project directory or globally with npm i -g I would recommend uninstalling the tool as that may be causing additional issue.

You can do so with:

npm uninstall create-adalo-component or yarn remove create-adalo-component depending on which package manager you used.

I did that and this is what I got back on my terminal

Does the directory PROJECT_DIRECTORY already exist in your file system? You may need to remove it before using that name again.

No there is no directory titled PROJECT_DIRECTORY and no file with that title either

If you can, please record a video doing the following in this order:

# show current node version
node -v

# show globally installed packages
npm list -g --depth 0

# attempt to use create-adalo-component
npx create-adalo-component test-library

Loom is a easy and free tool to do just that

Definitely, just did it. Here’s the loom recording: Create-Adalo-Component Not Working! - Help | Loom

FYI I’m on macOS Catalina version 10.15

I think I might know the culprit. Do you have yarn installed on your machine? If not, try installing it and giving the tool another shot. Installation | Yarn

when I run
“yarn version check”
I get back
“zsh: command not found: yarn”

so I don’t have yarn installed - I’ll do it now.

Nice!!! Thanks so much!!!

What made you think I should download yarn? And how’d you realize it might be missing? Just want to understand the logic so I understand the process even if at a very high level.

This looks so glorious lol

Awesome, good to hear. There is a check in our tool that looks for the command yarn so during the prompt process it can ask if you’d like to use yarn, otherwise just defaults to npm. That check however was asynchronous and was throwing an uncaught catch, hence why you were unable to get to the initial prompts. I have a hotfix ready to go, so hopefully no one else has this same issue.

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