Creating Adalo Component

I have followed the instructions here: Creating a Component | Adalo on creating an adalo component. I did the npx create-adalo-component my-component
cd my-component command in terminal but I keep getting errors for the npx adalo login command
I have installed yarn 1.16.0 and node 14.17.2

Hi Rachel,

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Did you join the slack channel for component developers yet? I would ask over there, I make custom components but never seen this error before.

(Scroll to the bottom to join the slack channel)

I have tried accessing the slack link: Create Account | Slack. but I keep getting the error that the link is no longer active

do you have an active slack link?

Did you fill out this form? You should get a email with slack link…

I signed up, but I still haven’t received an invitation to the slack.

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