Create an admin profil and collect user orders

Hello I have already created a profile for the users of my application now I want to make an order button for the users which will allow them to place an order now how I can create an admin profile to collect user orders and if possible consult the list of users having pressed the order button? Please help me thank you

Is this app multi-business? I have a similar app with multi business.

I have 2 profiles:

Customer (a field in user collection)
Business ( same field as customer, just write Customer or Business to identify which one is which)
then every restaurant has a business user (Relationship Every Restaurant has 1 Business user, but a business user can have many restaurants)

Then Order collection with Restaurant relationship

Then in Order collection has Customer user associated, when customer creates an order, it adds a record with the user email and ID.

you can then have a LIST of all orders of that Logged-user - Restaurant(s) where profile is also Business (in your case Admin). So whenever order is created by pressing button, you can view all order details in that list (Including user who did it).

If only via button, whenever button is pressed, you can just create a collection “Button pressed” where it adds current loggedin user record to that collection.

Let me know if clear.