Create chat like whatsapp

Hello i’m try to create app dating and chat like user to user

the request friends work if the user accept request the user can send message
and i 'm create all conversion has been create after send message but doesn’t work because the must link like this (home )All Users > profile user > sent Request > if accept show icon sent message and create conversation same time in action > Chat

i’m try to create icon inbox message in home to show all conversion but doesn’t work screen like this (home)all Users > conversion > chat after that just appear one conversation no all conversation
i’m try this again like this user > chat > but is doesn’t work

how we can help me

Have you followed this chat tutorial? It’s very helpful and pretty straight forward, Adalo | Chat Tutorial .

Yes of course i’m tried to create chat but the problem i can’t see all conversation.

@majdish09 Can you share a screen recording of what you’re seeing?

The creation of a new mobile chat app is a complex process that is comprised of different steps. Just before we move on to the overview of the main chat app features, let’s first answer another pressing question.

How does a chat app work? If you look at WhatsApp, this instant messaging app allows for the exchange of text, video, or audio messages between two users or multiple users within a group chat app. The application uses Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). This protocol is fully decentralized, which makes WhatsApp highly secure.

Here you can find more information on features that make up the base of the most popular chat apps. You will find out how to create a chat application like WhatsApp and which features should be added to make secure chatting apps.

I made a super simple video explaining how to create such a chat here:

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Hi @majdish09,
Just like @ashley said, there’s a chat tutorial: Adalo | Chat Tutorial