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Please help to make a button which will open a chat with the admin and logined user. I need to make support chat. I have already read other replay on this forum and seen the chat application template, but I did not manage to make the chat only with the admin. Please help me with base and button, this is my first app :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

If you’d like to add support chat only to be between user and admin not user to user. Check out crisp chat!

You can add it to your via a link and we view.

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Hi @AlexandraTreial ,


Another suggestion is still using Adalo built-in components and modify the users collection to include Admin field, so the app will know and redirect to suitable screen.

Here is an example of that,

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If you’re looking for a template for this specifically, I have a user-to-admin chat template available: 🔥 New Templar Design Template: User-To-Admin Chat

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Thank you!! i wiil try

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