Create monthly income chart?

Hello, how is the concept of creating a basic trend chart for a monthly metric? I don’t quite understand how to fill in the X value and the Y value. I can’t find a much detailed explanation on the either.

I have a collection that has many records of items that has a price. Let say it’s in Order Collection > Price field.

In January there are 10 records that has $5 each. February has 10 records that has $10 each. March has 10 records that has $20 each.

How to draw those data to the chart so it can shows a graphic something like this?

X : January, Y : $50
X : February, Y : $100
X : March, Y : $200

Short answer: this is currently not readily possible.

At present, the only way to do this is to create a collection of ‘months’ and have the transactions linked to them, then do a magic text of that month’s > transactions > totals.

Alternatively, you could have a ‘total’ field in the month collection and for each transaction set the ‘total’ field to current month’s > total > + transaction value

The complex bit lies in telling Adalo what the current month is when a transaction is made. If you have a start date and end date field in the month collection, and then run a list of months restricted to start date is before current date and time and end date is after current date and time, showing only one result, and then put the ‘checkout’ button in that list, it will allow you to access the ‘current month’ to do this.

There is a feature request for what you’re after, here: - be sure to vote!

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I’ll try it thank you!

Hi mate I do a sales per month by linking Google Sheets (or Firebase) with Adalo through Zapier. I send the sales creation date to Google Sheets. Google Sheets uses the formula =TEXT(A1,“MMMM”) to display the month, =TEXT(A1,“DDDD”) for the day and “YYYY” if you need the year. The form submit button triggers the creation of the new row in google sheets through zapier. A second “zap” sends the month text back to the same collection table in Adalo updating the current field. Works great and simple to set up. I do all my date related triggers in this manner. Then your monthly sales chart will look like a traditional one in excel with January, February etc.