Filter information by month

I am developing a cash flow app. It checks how much the store has sold for each product and how many units. the point is that I am not able to filter this information by month. Does anyone know how I can do this?

Yup, this is one of my main issues with Adalo’s built in features and DB. It doesn’t easily allow for this, even though monthly filters would be very useful.

Here’s where you can vote on the feature request:

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Create a month collection on the database with a start date and end date. Each item or ‘order’ can belong to a month.

To set an order as belonging to a certain month, you need the current month data available on that screen. So for example you could have something like this-

START ORDER button is a list of months where start date is before today and end date is after today. Therefore on the next screen you will have ‘current month’ available.

Then you can set the relationship, update current order > month > current month.

This is how I approach the problem.


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