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I would like to create a chart for users with I want the chart to show specific records of a collection, like the chart component by Adalo. You can set up the chart with a url. How can I do that? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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If it works with URL​ it is probably similar setup to

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Yes, exactly! My problem is just that I need multiple records of a collection in the chart, sort of like a list. Would that be possible?

I didn’t try to but it might be difficult.

Really you want to be using 1 record from the collection to create the chart. I can’t figure a way around it from the top of my head. Is it possible to gather the different records into a new ‘chart record’, perhaps using the countdown timer trick to do this automatically.

Yes, that is a great idea, thank you!

My take would be to use nested custom list with countdown on the inner list.

On the outer list is collection that you want to copy from, and inner list filtered with predefined id=1, is the collection you want to copy to, countdown do the copy.

Hope it gives you a start.

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