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Hello guys,

I kindly ask for some help.

I have two versions of the same app. One for testing purposes and the other is the real deal.
Users can login on the Test app before buying the real deal.

The idea is that
In the Login screen of that Test App I would like to make a button that generates random user emails and passwords for the users to login.

Then, the user will click on login to login with that test account

The idea is that the user can do some actions on the app with that test account.
As the action is linked to the user, it must be generated a different user each time so the actions of a person do not interfere on the other person because they’re logged on the same user

Thank you in advance

Hello, you can even make it simpler for the user to create their account with their data, email and password and on the initial screen you put a condition to continue using the app if you don’t send it to another screen to update profile (paid plans)

That can be since you created your account + 10 days or for how many actions you can do (every time you click to see something update logged in user > actions > actions + 1

There are several ways to reach the same goal

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Yes. Solved!

I put a register form with only email available and password automatically hidden linked to the part I would like the users to access.


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Great… I’m glad you solved it… you can mark the question as solved!

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