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Hello guys, I am goin in production with the apps and I noticed that to login I have to repet the action twice, do you know why I have this problem?

Hi @Filli,

What are the actions that you have in your Login form?

This post by Victor may help here too! : My app is making me enter login details twice - #4 by Victor

Thank you

Yes I have a conditioning over the action. But i can’t create another route because it is for “wrong” emails.
I have two different apps, one for users and another for business and I have to avoid the change between the accounts.

Are you using a form or a custom form?

Shared the same the database right?

I am using an Adalo form and yes it is a shared db

Maybe using a custom form and on the Login action make it as conditional with All Users count? : custom login conditional.mp4 - Google Drive

Hi there,

Having some knowledge how Adalo works, I would not recommend doing any conditionals on login screen. It relates not only to the conditional for actions after logging in, but also to “counts” as well. I have absolutely no idea when and how the “count” request to the DB will be executed, and will it return results in the reliable way (seen too many problems with counts not working as expected).

I’d advice using separate “routing” screen after login and do everything there.

Just my 2 cents


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Got it! Thanks Victor! Appreciated :raised_hands:

Thank you for the advice. I ahve two apps (A: for users and B: for business). What can I do for example if a user try to login in the B app using its email and the apps share the same db?

Hi @Filli,

Please have a look at this video, it might be helpful: Adalo tutorials: admin and user access to different screens. UPDATE in the description - YouTube

You can use similar approach in your Business app.

Best regards, Victor.

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