(I tried 101 options) How to log in a user(whitout)?

Help is needed.

I have 2 screens.

Screen 1
on it, the user sees the added cards and only his cards should be displayed there, and not all that are in the database.

screen 2
this is the page where the user creates a card with two fields name and number and then clicks the add button and goes back to the page (SCREEN 1)

HOW to make it so that using only these two screens to create a user and log him in, but that the page elements do not change.

those. , the user does not need to enter a password, email, name. (if you can somehow automatically generate something for example)

The PURPOSE is for the user to add a card using only two screens and see it on the page, but not see all the other cards.

How to implement it.
Who will help 10000555000000 to kraam and good luck.
Thank you in advance.

@Ilya_DDD It is possible to create a dummy user and let the user go to screen 2 after adding a contact on screen 1, but that only works for that session. Next time the same user come to the app, you’ll have to create a fresh dummy user again for that session.

In order to achieve this you’ll have to do the following:

  1. Screen 1: when user clicks Add New Number
    >> Step 1: Sign Up new user with rand(1000000,9999999)@email.com & password rand(10000,99999) - only do this if the current user is not already logged in, if user is already logged in and adding a 2nd or 3rd contact, link to screen 2 directly
    >> Step 2: Link to screen 2 and let the user add new number and link to the new user just signed up
    >> Step 3: Show all contacts added as list in Screen 1 for the current user

It’ll be ideal to have a flag in user DB to indicate that this is a temp user and cleanup those records regularly to avoid bloating the DB.

Hope that helps!

I tried it and nothing worked for me.
I also did not quite understand step 2, make a link to screen 2 understood it, but this is what “and just a link to a new user” means, how is it?

I have a few questions from what you wrote.

  1. When you create a user by a button and the user clicks on it, will he log in automatically yes or no?

  2. You wrote that on screen 1, where the sheet with the cards is located, you need to select “all users” and the current one, but there is no such function, there is a logged in user.

Settings screenshots

1 screen
sheet with cards - Screenshot by Lightshot
“Add new number” button - Screenshot by Lightshot

Screen 2
When you click on the “add number” - Screenshot by Lightshot
Creation of records in the sheet. - Screenshot by Lightshot

what I did wrong, please write?

#1 yes, automatically logged in
#2 current user is the logged in user

I did what you said and it doesn’t work. Or did I do something wrong?

can you make your app clonable and share it so I can take a look? Thanks


I shared copy of app

this sreens what I said

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