No option for "create...sometimes" in form submit button?

I’m using a simple form to create items in a collection.

I want to add the condition: “If item doesn’t already exist”. I know how to do that if I use text fields and a regular button with the “create” action (instead of using a form), but the submit button on forms doesn’t seem to offer conditional options.

Am I missing something? Or is this just not available in forms?

Hi @MikesClub ,
The Form is always associated to a collection and by default when you add a “Create Action” it will always create the record whilst the input text fields have multiple purposes, thus having the conditionals.

In the end using input text fields is just like a form but a custom one, in my opinion you have more power than using a regular form.

But this could be an additional feature to forms, create if record does not exist (We could choose a field in the form to compare the existing record) and updating if the record already exists (This would remove also necessity of updating fields only when they come from a screen to another via for example a list).

Thanks for your quick answer. I agree, it seems like “create if record does not exist” should be a standard feature in the form.

Your answer is helpful. I think I’ll just always build my own forms from now on, using input fields.


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To expand on @JL_LJ’s reply


In this example, a user cannot create 2 pets with the same name as the pet name already exists.

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