Create Record issue for some External collections - issue and solution

Hi everyone. A small technical note for those who is using external collections like Supabase.

For the Create Record (POST) operation, Adalo backend requires string as a reply for this request. If Adalo doesn’t receive a string (but just “200 OK” reply), the request “fails silently” - no error in the logs. As a consequence, no subsequent actions are executed.

As an example: you add create record action and then “back” action. When you press the button, nothing happens. But then you see that the record was actually created.

Workaround: External Collection needs to be set up in a way that it returns a string as a reply for POST. For Supabase it is done by enabling “Prefer: return=representation” in HTTP headers.

This issue exists as of now (30/04/22) and is confirmed by Adalo support.

Most probably 99% of Makers won’t face this, but I hope that for those who face this my post will save some time :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.