Creating a basic table?

Hi everyone,

Am I missing something or is it currently not possible to create just a basic table? I see that lists can have multiple columns (4 max?!) but these columns cant be set to different properties of a collection.

How can I go about creating just a standard table in Adalo?

I do not think there is a way to do that currently. I have not seen anyone do it at least :slight_smile:

That’s crazy! I really thought this should be something basic and possible. Tables are fundamental to web design are they not? :frowning:

What a pity.

@Colin You can do this. If your table has 5 columns, add 5 text components in a row. Then select them all and click Make List in the left panel.


That is neat! Have to try that out sometime. :slight_smile: Thanks Ben.

This is a nice work around thanks Ben. Didn’t know this was possible.

How do you make headers though for these columns and make them line up? I’m struggling to do that.

That can be tricky, and definitely having a table component in the future would be very helpful.

You can try putting your column headers inside of a rectangle component. That usually helps.


Another leading No code platform that has been around 5+ years does really not have it yet either despite many feature requests.

Perhaps there is some technical reason for it’s absence - but I do think that if the addition of ‘headers’ can be implemented then Adalo addresses a huge pain point that said platform doesn’t offer and that their users are clamoring for…

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I am trialing at the moment and currently use Bubble and Caspio, and I need tables.

So I am glad I came across your post, as tables that can be filtered and searched is critical for me for data input from the app.

Maybe I have to look at other options or possibly use this for the mobile input and use something else for the web application… food for thought :smiley:

Thanks for the info! I was also searching the table component in the left panel :smile::+1:t2:

Hi @Ben .
I need this 5+ columns list and there is no full functionality as I add 5+ text components in a row.
As I try to add dynamic text, it changes the text per column, not to the row / full list…
Maybe in the future would be great to allow more columns to the custom list…