Creating a fitness app

Hi I am trying to use adalo to create a fitness app. But wondering if it is possible to allow the users to just ‘START’ a workout and then have a series of exercises follow alongside a timer (i.e. after they click ‘START’ workout, then it shows 40 seconds of pushups and then 20 second rest, then 40 seconds of situps and then 20 seconds of rest ETC.

Is this something that I can create in adalo? I can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

There is a Countdown component in MarketPlace, which you can use to implement the described flow.


Thanks for your response. I downloaded the countdown, that was a great tip. However, how would I now make it so when the timer turns to 0, another GIF/Video plays (changes exercise gif to next one)

Any ideas?

I believe, you can use ‘Countdown Finished Actions’ for this. It invokes as the timer turns to 0, at least how I understand.

Yes I played around with that yesterday. But when the timer turns to 0, im unsure how to make the action so that the image on the page (exercise gif) changes to another one in sequential order - until it reaches the last one and the ‘workout ends’

The simple case, I’m using a hidden input which is bound to image and can be changed by actions.
There is a cloneable example Test Application

From top of my head (Needs testing):

The best would be that series of exercises are each a record in a collection (Exercise) with a duration. You can then add a collection (Series) where those exercises are in a relationship with the Exercise collection.

You also add in the Exercise collection a field boolean “Complete”
Each exercise will have an ID (1,2,3,4) for Sorting/Ordering
In the series screen you show the list of exercises with the sorting filtering exercises “Complete” = False

Then in input text field you display the MIN value of the exercise where Complete = False

When timer would start in first exercise (Using the duration of that exercise in the countdown), it will run until the end, then update that task to “Complete” = True, then you could just add a modal to show task is complete and to go back to initial screen again and this will start the 2nd exercise, since the 1 has Complete = true.

In the last exercise, to stop this from running, you add in the countdown, a link to “Done” screen for example, when the Current Exercise ID = Max ID.

Maybe a bit overwhelming sorry :), but gives you a headstart in the Wireframe and process thinking. I don’t have much time this week, but will try to test my premises. Cheers.


Firstly thank you so much for the respect and your time.

Ill be honest, Im completely new to Adalo and have no idea where to start with following your instructtions lol (sorry). Is there a more detailed breakdown somewhere or that you can provide maybe?

Hi @JL_LJ love your explanation!

But when you said:

…how would you do this exactly? Because if I link it back to the initial screen, the “Series (or workout)” link is broken. So I can’t send the data back to the previous screen. I can, however, send the data to the next new screen. But then I won’t be able to vary the number of screens after that. Do you know a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance!

The Modal is used to allow the database to update.

It depends which screen you are using. In this example, this screen has a list of exercises with the current exercise (By sorting the index), and showing maximum 1 item to show the “current exercise” to be performed, when you click on the exercise complete (button is inside the list to allow “update current item in the lists”), the modal will allow to “go back” to refresh DB and show next exercise.

If you had a list of exercises and clicked on the exercise and went to another screen to check the exercise details, it is different, because you are not showing a list with 1 item but the “Current Exercise” and then modal in this case is different, because it will try to go back to same exercise.

In this latter case, you would need to redirect to another screen to show the next exercise, to make it dynamic it it more complex. I will check what can be done.

I will try to make some videos soon.


this is amazing Dilon! I think i’ll actually use this template for my workouts :smiley:

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