Creating a form that will filter a list


I’m trying to create a functional filter tab that logged-in users can use. I have created multiple dropdown menus with different categories within the form that the users can select from and press the submit button. After that, they would be pushed to a filtered list of users that corresponds to the chosen filters. Is this possible, if so how can I make the filtered list only show those users?

Here’s a picture of the filter form and the filtered list screen

From what I’ve been able to tell, you can’t filter from a true out-of-the-box form. But if you create a custom “form” with text inputs and dropdowns, you can make it happen. You can filter via text inputs and dropdowns, but not forms. The trick is to have your filter settings (a bunch of “or” statements…not “and”) already in place on the list that link to the various inputs/dropdowns from your custom form. Naturally, your form starts of blank, so the list will show all available results. When a user goes to your filter page and make selections, they press the “CREATE SEARCH” button that’s navigates back to your Dashboard page.

You will need to reset your form though, which can be tricky. You can create an action to empty all those filter fields when a user presses a button or enters a specific page. That page shouldn’t be the Dashboard page though, since the filter page navigates back to the Dashboard page…that action would just erase your filter results before even being able to view them. Hopefully that makes sense.

Also, I see you have a search bar on your Dashboard page. To make the search bar work with your manual filter form, you’ll need to combine that field with each “or” filter statement.


  • something contains “search input” AND something contains “unit type input”
  • something contains “search input” AND something contains “Employment Status input”
  • something contains “search input” AND something contains “Citizenship input”

Here’s an example…but just image my Selected City dropdown was on another page.

Hi @Sutter_j44

Sorry, I’m a bit confused by this.

Unless I’m mistaken I believe I have created a custom form with text inputs and dropdowns. My dashboard list also does have a lot of “or” statements corresponding to each text input in the dropdowns.

This is what my list filters consist of

Also, the CREATE SEARCH button work isn’t working, could that affect it?

So did you drag a form from Adalo’s “ADD COMPONENT” section and link it to a collection, thus auto-populating the form…or did you manually create those fields with individual inputs and dropdowns?


I created a form from the ADD SCREEN area, then I had the form consist of a collection called “searches”. I created multiple different collections consisting of the filter dropdown categories (e.g. “Employment Status” and “Gender”) and then made relationships with those categories and the “searches” collection.

Hope that makes sense.

Yes, that’s makes sense. So that’s what I was saying…so on your list, you won’t be able to request a filter from form fields. But if you manually create your filter page with individual/manual text inputs and dropdowns, you can. Hopefully my attachment makes sense…but this shows all of the pages on my app that contains available inputs and dropdowns I can choose from as a filter option.

Okay, that makes sense. Will I be able to do this if I want to filter users that are currently in the database, meaning filtering their individual data?

Yes, you’ll be able to. I do have a suggestion. Create a “Search Index” field in your User collection that can contain ALL the searchable information for a user. When a User signs up, have their name, occupation, citizenship and other relevant info all populate into the Search Index field, in addition to each corresponding field. That way, you can direct the search bar to search just the “Search Index”, which would contain every bit of information. Then your Filter page, created your statements that can say: search input contains “search index” AND user>apartment field contains “apartment dropdown” OR search input contains “search index” AND user>employment field contains “employment dropdown” OR ect. ect.

It can get complicated. But here’s a video that can explain the search index thing better.

The fact that they’ve added OR statements to filtering typically eliminates the need to create a search index field, but since you’d be pairing a search input with additional filtering sources, the search index is best.


Okay, I’m trying that now but once I created a search index and tried to update it, I only have the option for the logged-in user, do you know how I can get the current user instead.

Are you saying that Current User isnt available as a filterable option on your Dashboard list when you tried and link it to your custom fields on the filter page? If so, I guess Current User isnt being transfered as Available Data on your Filter Page. When you link the button to open the Filter Page, that info should’ve transfered with it, so I’m not too sure.

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