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I am trying to to create a product page where the user can filter the content selecting parameters such as product categories (the user should be able to choose one or more categories).

I can get the filter to work with the dropdown but I can not get the filtering done by using the multi selection dropdown.

Do anyone have ideas on how to acheive this?

Multi drop down will not store the the filter criteria if you navigate away from the screen (Detail page). Build a custom modal if you need that function.

You will need a M:M relationship for Users:Categories then reference that in the list filter. Ie.

Toggles from your modal or drop downs add category to logged in user.

Plenty of post on the forums in this regard. I asked the same question 4 or 5 months ago.

Good luck

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Hi @FHD2770 ,


You can check this solution here,

Comment there, if you want to ask for details.

Hello Rozza

Thanks for taking time to help.

I have now created a property called “users chosen categories” and I am updating this through the multi choice dropdown and it works perfectly. The problem arises when I try to refer to this in the list filter then I get in to an endless string where I never get a chance to actually choose a field

I actually checked the the forum and youtube for answers but all I found explains the procedures if you want to filter one category. If for example have a list of groceries and want to filter the category fruites then that is well documented but instructions if you want to show category fruits and the category vegetables I have not been able to find

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Hello Yongki

Thanks for your input,

As for as I can see it handles one category selection from two sources. I am actually trying to filter based on two category entries. If for example have a list of groceries I want to show category fruits and the category vegetables at the same time.

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Hi Frank,

Check this video which might help you! : Multi Select.mp4 - Google Drive

One bug with this component is after selecting the values and go to another screen or close the app and come back to this screen again you see all the items in the drop down as un-selected but in the back-end the values are stored still :joy:

I think this should be Current Product > Product Categories > Users ( users chosen product categories ) > contains > logged in user.

Thank you

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Thanks Dilon

I got it now, it is working :partying_face:

Thank you very much now three days of walking in ring is finaly over :grin:

Best regards

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