Creating Action that allows fields to compare send notification

I am creating and app for the first time and I have gotten pretty far. I have one app page where a license plate number is entered and then and alert for a dropdown. I need for the license plate number to search user database and find if it matches one of the users. If it does or is true then send a text notification to that user. I am hung up getting it to compare. Can anyone help me out with this. It seems that it would require code

What is the structure of your database? Because you might be able to see if this current record is in a list of records.

But it depends on your database, can you share screenshots or a video?

Hard to say without knowing your database structure, but what you generally would do is have your input where the user inputs the license plate, then have a list of the collection that houses the license plate information. You would then put a custom filter on that list to only show records that are equal to the input in the field the user enters.

You can also do this same thing with visibility conditions, but it’s up to you on how you want to accomplish it.

You can have an input and a button.

Make a list from the button of users. Add a filter where License plate # is equal to Input. Set the visibility of this list to sometimes visible when Users > All Users > Count is equal to 1 where license plate # is equal to input. So you’d have that same filter for the list settings and visibility of the list.

You can add a text below the button that says “License plate does not exist” with visibility settings to sometimes visible when Users > All Users > Count is equal to 0 where license plate # is equal to input.

You can add your notification trigger to the button which you can send to the “Current User” since it’s within a user list.

Thanks for the quick response. I am not only impressed with Adalo but the community is awesome. Here is a screenshot of the send alert page where the user will enter a plate number that will compared to the user database that is created when user signs up . So basically the user enters a plate number and then chooses an alert that will be sent via sms to the user with the matching plate in the user database, Basically, I have the user database and a database called alerts that lists the alerts to choose.
I don’t need the license plate that is entered on the send alert page to be saved or updated anywhere, It is there simply to compare against the user DB and trigger alert. Looking forward to your input

I went to the license plate fields and created the list and set filter to find license plate = to. It gives me only a choice for logged in users I need to compare to the whole DB not just the logged in user. How can I fix this?

Hi @shonesto,

In you filter add Other components > Input instead of Logged in user > Plate number.

Thank you

It is not offering plate number as a choice just alert. Plate number is not it’s own DB it is contained only in the list of users

I didn’t get it. I mean add the Input component to the filter instead of Logged in user > plate number. You can find Input value when you try to add that. It’s in Other Components section. Other Components > Input name. Then the button will display if any users that has the entered plate number. Hope I get you!

Yes, I get it. However when I go to other components it only give me an option for the dropdown which a user chooses from. I need it show the input box for license plates. It is not offering this as an option to choose from

Is it possible to add a screenshot? I saw in your previous screenshots you have a input to enter the plate number and that should show in the Other components section.

Thanks so much. I am getting closer to getting this done per your direction. I am not able to get the filter to connect to the input text box for license plate. License plated does not show up on the list when selecting input. Only the dropdown input for alert shows up .What am I missing?

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Ah success, I was creating list from the input and not the button. That is done however, I don’t see where to select visibility

I see what I was doing wrong. I wasn’t creating the list from within the action. I was just creating a list with no where to execute it. Once I did it from within the action I was able to get it to work. However, I was able to find where visibility set to sometimes but I didn’t see where to enter 1 or 0 also, is there a way to test this to the point where the actual sms can be sent?

Thanks to all of you for you help thus far. I have gotten pretty far with this app but I am stumped once again. I created an action on the submit button and added list filter to get lnput to match up with license plate number in users database. @Flawless stated to set visibility to sometimes and set it 1 so button would be visible, I added another action to create a special link to send sms when input and plate match up, The problem is I don’t see where to enter that 1 or 0 so when I test the app the buttons don’t show up. Can anyone give me a hint on this?

okay more progress since last post for help. I was able search and find where to set visibility. clicking the 2 dots and choosing change visibility and tell it when. The challenge is that I tell it when input is = to users > license plate. The problem is it only gives me a choice for the Logged in user and not the all users.

Added 2 records with 2 license plates:

Add input, name it license input:

Add button

Make button a list,

Set filter license plate = license input, set max items to 1

Set visibility on list if license input is not empty

Add error text with user count based on license plate input if user count is equal to 0

Here’s what it looks like when first loaded:

What happens when you enter invalid plate #:

Button displays if license plate exists.

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This what i see. I need the choice for users not logged in users

You’re not following my instructions.

This is how you do it. Follow my steps exactly. Start over if you have to. But follow them step by step, filling in the parameters exactly how I mentioned.