Dropdown not showing up in list filer

Hi, I have setup a dropdown called states. I have also setup a dropdown called Alerts. I created a list filter that was used only for license plates from the users db = to dropdown of alerts. This worked great. I am now trying to add a dropdown to that filter for states so I used the “and” so both the state and license plate are chosen and exist in user db to send alert. I can’t see the dropdown for the newly created states in the input selection. I see the alert dropdown. Any help would be appreciated here, Please see screenshots.

Hi @shonesto,

I just checked your app and I see that drop-down! Reload the editor and try again!

Also it’s good for naming the drop-downs so it’s easier to setup everything!

I have updated that!

Hope this helps!

Thank you

Yes, it worked perfectly, Thanks so much. If I may ask? Is the adalo db all I really need for this type of app. I don’t see any reason to use an external db. What are your thoughts on this? By the way it won’t let me edit name to Alert.

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Awesome and Your welcome!

Yeah Adalo DB will be good for you! You can use a External DB when your app hit the storage limit ( but I think you will not need because Adalo will reach out to you and provide support with a plan ) or you need to build a app using you data directly. ( Like you need to turn you spreadsheet to an app then you can use a External DB and connect the spreadsheet! )

Can you add some more details about this?

You can see where the flyout shows “name” instead of “state” I think this has to do with the label which I can’t edit it in the component setup for state dropdown.Preformatted text

You need to change your collection property name!


I did that for you too!

oh okay thanks again.

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