Creating custom/dynamic urls to create a cashback affiliate site?

I’m trying to create an app similar to a cashback site:
So there is a directory of merchants, and then, when a logged in user wishes to shop at a particular merchant, they click the “Shop” button for that merchant.
This button links to an external website, and the link needs to include the url of the merchant site, plus a referral id for the site plus the unique id of the user etc.
This is so the transaction can be tracked and the user can be credited for the transaction.
Does anyone know, would this be possible to do by linking to airtable and using that to create the link on the fly with magic text? I wanted to assess whether it can work before upgrading.
Thanks for your help!

This would not be possible right now as there is currently no method to control the URL path within an Adalo app.

Hi @philippa,

Just to clarify - do you want to direct users from your Native App (built on Adalo) to the external Merchant Website (unique to each merchant, and not built on Adalo)?


hi, correct, i want to direct users from the adalo app to external merchant sites. Apologies if that wasnt clear. thanks, philippa

Hi @philippa,

Then I don’t see any problems here :slight_smile: You have the action called “External link”. And you can populate the link from the value from the collection (and I think you could even construct this value from different properties).

Did you try to do that?

Best regards, Victor.

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