Forms need major overhaul

Can we please get some serious attention to forms? there are so many issues with forms its overwhelming.

  1. fields don’t auto clear on submit, so next time the form is loaded it’s already full of content. This allows for duplicate content like you would not believe.
  2. files and photos cant be unselected if the user decides they don’t want to add a file any longer
  3. File sies cant be controlled ore extensions.
  4. Cant required fields easily.
  5. I could go on and on!!

I love ADALO and it has such great potential. But could you guys not work on adding any more new features until the ones you have are up to standard? This includes much-needed work on the map feature as well.

Adalo Team you are awesome and I appreciate all the hard work but please refine existing components before adding more.



I have upvoted this as a start, @rjp . This feature request doesn’t map 100% to your list #1 but you could create a new feature request as well (maybe requesting an overhaul of forms). I have an unlaunched app that will require users to upload a file for verification- it’s easy to imagine that being problematic if I encounter fraud/abuse/security issues with the file itself.

I promise it will be an issue, a user will have poor internet or press the send button before the file loads or any number of other things that could cause errors. I promise this will cause problems.

A major focus on our roadmap is making improvements to existing features. Although we are aware most of these issues and we have every intention of getting to them, we of course need to weigh the pros and cons of everything we do to try and maximise our productivty.

We do understand it can be frustrating that it can take a while to resolve things like this but we are doing our best to find a balance here.

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