Creating half an hour time slots from Opening to Closing of a business


I have an appointment booking application that inputs the opening and closing times of an establishment,
Based on these two time slots, I need to show different timeslots with half an hour increments.
Eg: Start Time - 9:00 AM and End Time:6:00PM, I will need time slots like this: 9:00AM, 9:30 AM, 10:00:AM…
Added complexity is that there needs to be another filter which needs to compare these time slots with a time field from another collection called Appointments and filter out the time slots already present in that collection.

I am able to do the first part where it only shows time slots between 9 and 6 PM. I have created a Master time slot collection with timeslots from 6 AM to 8PM and I just show time slots between the timings entered by the establishment. But I am unable to filter out these remaining time slots by comparing it to the appointment collection.
Can someone please guide me on this?

Hi @draspavkiev, sorry for replying so late here.

This indeed does require a more complicated setup. My advice here would be to consult with an

Adalo Expert

who would be able to either set this up for you, or coach you further on how you could complete this effectively.

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