Creating list, how to adjust following items

Hello Guys,

I am trying to get a grip on Adalo and I am trying to create customized list. So I know how to adjust the first one. But how can I adjust the tekst and images pf the following list items?


Hi @elisha,

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The list works in a way, that you set up kind of a “template” for list entries (this is what you refer as a “First one”). Then this “template” is used for all the list entries to be displayed.

If you’d like to have some information to be displayed differently for some of the entries, then you should use “sometimes visible” setting for the element. With this you could set which parts of the list “template” will be displayed, depending on the values of the list entry (for example, you can display heart icon if the item is in favorites).

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you Victor! That helped.

For some reason I cannot get my data linked to a list. When I select the list it doesn’t show they property’s in my list in the screen… I did add it in the records

Hi @elisha,

It’s difficult to diagnose which exact problem do you have with this amount of information :slight_smile:
May be if you could film a short video from your screen explaining what you’d like to do and what is the problem, it’ll be easier to understand how the issue could be solved.

Best regards, Victor.

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